Pictures and Videos from Events

This is a page where I post the photos from the shows and industry events I cover. Enjoy!

June 2024 BTA Capture the Magic; Huntington Beach, CA

June 2024 TD Synnex Executive Print and Imaging Summit; Greenville, SC

June 2024 Canon Virginia Inc., Newport News, VA

May 2024 DocuWorld 2024; Houston, TX

May 2024 Xerox NA Channels Production Print Summit; Webster, NY

April 2024 IBPI Connect 2024

March 2024 TD Synnex PrintSolv West; Huntington Beach, CA

March 2024 The Jillian Gala; Garfield, NJ

March 2024 Canon Latin America Dealer Conference; Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

February 2024 IBPI Board Meeting, Golf; Doral, FL

February 2024 Flex Technology Group Kickoff; Mesa, AZ

February 2024 Konica Minolta High Velocity Summit; Sarasota, FL

January 2024 Executive Connection Summit; Scottsdale, AZ

January 2024 Pacific Office Automation Annual Kickoff; Portland, OR

January 2024 Visual Edge IT Sales Kick Off; Scottsdale, AZ

December 2023 Global Office Imaging Holiday Gala

November 2023 Camp ACDI; Tempe, AZ

November 2023 IT Nation Connect; Orlando, FL

October 2023 Select Dealer Group; Buffalo, NY

October 2023 MOEbiz 100th Anniversary; Monroe, LA

October 2023 BTA Fall Colors Retreat; Asheville, NC

October 2023 Ricoh Partner Summit; Denver, CO

September 2023 Elatec RFID Oktoberfest Conference; Munich, Germany

September 2023 RISO Tour; Burlington, MA

September 2023 Toshiba LEAD Beyond Dealer Conference; Las Vegas, NV

August 2023 BTA National Conference; Boston MA

August 2023 IBPI Conference; Boston, MA

August 2023 The Ride for Jillian and Veterans; UTEC, Applied Innovation, Impact Networking, Gordon Flesch, Pulse Technology, Marco, Loffler, AIS, Coordinated and GreatAmerica; Ann Arbor MI to Cedar Rapids IA

August 2023 Nauticon Dealer Visit; Gaithersburg, MD

July 2023 CDA/MTA; Cincinnati, OH

June 2023 Xerox Partner Summit; Miami, FL

June 2023 Canon Dealer Summit; Nashville, TN

June 2023 Lexmark Top 50 Dealer Conference; Lexington, KY

May 2023 ecoprintQ ecoSummit; Long Boat Key, Sarasota, FL

May 2023 Kodak Alaris PGA; Rochester, NY

May 2023 Select Dealer Group Conference; Asbury Park, NJ

May 2023 DocuWorld; Orlando, FL

April 2023 American Co Op Meeting; St. Lucia

April 2023 Sharp Dealer Conference; Las Vegas, NV

April 2023 Xerox Champions Meeting; Webster, NY

March 2023 Ricoh’s Dan Piccoli Retirement Dinner, by Hytec

March 2023 BTA Spring Break 2023; Orlando, FL

March 2023 Lou Slawetsky Visits Hytec Dealer Services; Orlando, FL

February 2023 IBPI Board Visits Hytec Dealer Services; Orlando, FL

February 2023 Epson InkBoldy Dealer Conference; Huntington Valley, CA

February 2023 Flex Technology Group Sales Kickoff; Costa Mesa, CA

January 2023 Rolex 24, Konica Minolta Sales Rep Incentive Trip; Daytona, FL

January 2023 Carolina Business Equipment; Columbia, SC

January 2023 Executive Connection Summit (ECS); Scottsdale, AZ

January 2023 Pacific Office Automation Sales Kick Off; Portland, OR

December 2022 Global Office Inc. Holiday Gala; San Francisco, CA

November 2022 Brother Dealer Meeting; Torrey Pines, CA

November 2022 Sharp Road Show; Anaheim, CA

October 2022 BTA Fall Colors Retreat; Asheville, NC

October 2022 OpenText World 2022; Las Vegas, NV

September 2022 Elatec Oktoberfest Workshop; Munich, Germany

September 2022 MyQ Showtime Print Management Conference; Prague, Czech Republic

September 2022 Ricoh’s Puttin’ On the Pink for ACS; Dacula, GA

August 2022 HP AMPLIFY Conference; Palo Alto, CA

July 2022 Copier Fax Business Technologies Golf Outing; Batavia, NY

June 2022 The Ride for Jillian – Memphis to Richmond VA; MCC, Edwards, Cobb and SOE (apologies, I was absent from the Ride so there are no pics from MCC and Edwards)

June 2022 The Ride for Jillian – Little Rock AR to Bartlett TN; Datamax and VET XMC

June 2022 The Ride for Jillian – Plano TX to Arkansas; ACDI and Barry Simon’s Home

June 2022 The Ride for Jillian – Pinetop AZ to Plano TX; Roswell, Lincoln and Lone Star

June 2022 The Ride for Jillian – Scottsdale to Pinetop AZ; ITG Arizona

June 2022 Elatec Global Sales Meeting; Palm City, FL

June 2022 BTA National Conference; Chicago, IL

June 2022 Jim D’Emidio Retirement Party; Chicago, IL

June 2022 Kyocera Dealer Conference; San Antonio, TX

May 2022 Canon USA Road Show; Atlanta, GA

May 2022 Marco; Minnetonka, MN

May 2022 DocuWorld; Orlando, FL

May 2022 BPCA; Atlanta, GA

April 2022 Konica Minolta Full Throttle; Ramsey, NJ

March 2022 BTA Spring Break; Orlando, FL

March 2022 IBPI Annual Conference; Orlando, FL

March 2022 Hytec Golf Outing with Long Ball Hitter Mauice Allen; Orlando, FL

March 2022 RISO Lab SVA NYC, New York, NY

March 2022 UTEC March Madness; Ann Arbor, MI

February 2022 American Co-op; Jackson, WY

February 2022 SalesChain; Waterbury, CT

February 2022 Pros Elite 100; Clearwater, FL

February 2022 ITG Arizona; Chandler, AZ

January 2022 The Wilson Group; Pittsburgh, PA

January 2022 Executive Connection Summit Day 3; Scottsdale, AZ

January 2022 Executive Connection Summit Day 2;  The House and PIZZA Scottsdale, AZ

January 2022 Executive Connection Summit Day 2; Scottsdale, AZ

January 2022 Executive Connection Summit Day 1; Scottsdale, AZ

January 2022 KDI; Aston, PA

January 2022 DEX Imaging; Tampa, FL

December Hytec Dealer Services; Orlando, FL

December Global Office Inc. Holiday Gala; San Francisco, CA

November IT Nation Connect; Orlando, FL

November Tag Presentation; IT Nation Connect; Orlando, FL

November ITEX 20th Anniversary; Las Vegas, NV

October 2021 BTA Fall Colors Conference; Asheville, NC

October 2021 Pre BTA Golf with DEX and UTEC; Asheville, NC

October 2021 POA Sales Incentive Trip; Clearwater, FL

October 2021 UTEC Visit; Ann Arbor, MI

September 2021 Puttin’ On the Pink; Dacula, GA

August 2021 Xerox Gil Hatch Center Technology Visit; Webster, NY

August 2021 BTA National Conference; Coronado, CA

July 2021 CopierFax Golf Outing; Batavia, NY

July 2021 Waltz Business Solutions 60th Anniversary; Crestview Hills, KY

June 2021 CDA CFO Event; Denver, CO

June 2021 ConnectWise, IT Nation; Orlando, FL

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 8; OH to Keyser WV to Richmond VA Visit with Tuskegee Airman Clifton Brooks Sr.

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 7; Columbus OH to Cleveland OH Paul Youngberg Family Visit

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 6; Nashville TN to Columbus OH Novatech, Perry PROSOURCE Hosts

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 5; Memphis TN to Nashville TN VET Hosts

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 4; Little Rock AR and Memphis TN Datamax AR, ACDI Hosts

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 3; OKC to Arkansas

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 2; NM to OKC Excel Office Solutions Host

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Day 1; AZ to NM

May 2021 Ride for Jillian Pre Flight, ITG Arizona, Chandler, AZ Host

April 2021 American Co Op Conference, Scottsdale, AZ

April 2021 Pros Elite Group Service Management Training, Tampa, FL

March 2021 SDG Conference, Kiahwah Island, SC

March 2021 BTA Spring Break, Orlando, FL

March 2021 Hytec Repair HQ Tour, Orlando, FL

March 2020 Epson Imaging Dealer Conference, Santa Monica, CA

February 2020 SDG Owner’s Meeting, Turtle Bay, HI

January 2020 ecoprintQ Solutions Summit, Key Largo, FL

January 2020 Konica Minolta WTR Rolex 24 Race, Daytona, FL

January 2020 HP Power of Print, Palo Alto, CA

January 2020 Elatec, Puchheim, Germany

January 2020 Pacific Office Automation, Portland, OR

January 2020 PaperCut US HQ, Portland, OR

January 2020 Konica Minolta, Ramsey, NJ

December 2019 Evolved Office/ITEX, Davie, Florida

November 2019 Ricoh ConvergX, Las Vegas, NV

October 2019 Epson HQ Japan US Dealer Tour, Hirooka and Tokyo Japan

October 2019 ACDI Lucky in Kentucky Solutions Summit, Lexington, KY

October 2019 Konica Minolta Executive Leadership Campus, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 2019 Konica Minolta Dealer Summit, Carlsbad, CA

October 2019 Sharp OwnIT Dealer Conference, Las Vegas, NV

September 2019 Y Soft Brno and Prague, Czech Republic

August 2019 Kodak Alaris Customer Event, Rochester, NY

June 2019 Xerox Baltoro Inkjet Press Launch, Webster, NY

June 2019 BTA Gateway to Success, Austin, TX

June 2019 Canon Sales Road Show, Atlanta, GA

May 2019 The Ride for Jillian, AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, MS, TN, GA, SC, NC, VA, DC, MD, PA, NY

April 2019 ITEX, Las Vegas, NV

April 2019 Kyocera Dealer Meeting, Las Vegas, NV

April 2019 Brother Analyst Meeting, Mashantucket, CT

April 2019 Sharp Dealer Road Show, Chicago, IL

March 2019 NT-ware visit, Bad Iburg, Germany

March 2019 Konica Minolta US Dealer Conference, Newport Beach, CA

February 2019 Canon Media & Analyst Even, Boca, FL

January 2019 EFI Connect, Las Vegas, NV

January 2019 Ricoh IM C Series Launch, New York, NY

November 2018 PaperCut HQ Visit, Melbourne, VIC

November 2018 Sharp Australia Dealer Meeting, Sunshine Coast, QLD

October 2018 Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office Honoroed, Garfield, NJ

October 2018 CopierFax DOCtoberfest, Buffalo, NY

October 2018 Panasonic Road Show, Huntington Beach, CA

October 2018 Xerox Analyst Briefing, New York, NY

October 2018 HP Security Roundtable, NYSE, New York

October 2018 Elatec RFID Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

September 2018 Dex Imaging, Tampa, FL

September 2018 BTA National Conference, New York, NY

September 2018 Marco Technology Event, Prior Lake, MN

September 2018 Toshiba LEAD 2018, Las Vegas, NV

August 2018 CopierFaxBT Golf Outing, Batavia, NY

August 2018 ecoprintQ Solutions Summit, Miami Beach, FL

June 2018 Ricoh ConvergX, Las Vegas, NV

June 2018 Canon Service & Solutions Summit, Atlanta, GA

June 2018 Lexmark Dealer Road Show, Montreal, Canada

June 2018 IBPI Conference, Clearwater, FL

May 2018 The Ride for Jillian, Scottsdale AZ to Washington DC

May 2018 Xerox Iridesse Launch, Webster, NY

May 2018 EFI East US HQ Ribbon Cutting, Londonderry, NH

May 2018 Panasonic Analyst Briefing

April 2018 RISO Inside Sales Meeting, Salem MA

April 2018 Kyocera Innovate, Orlando FL

February 2018 One Canon, Hollywood FL

February 2018 SDG Dealer Owner Event, Torrey Pines, CA

January 2018 EFI Connect 2018, Las Vegas, NV

January 2018 Elatec Winter Sales Meeting, Hutchinson Island, FL

December 2017 Brother Inside Sales Meeting, NJ

December 2017 ecoprintQ Grand Opening, Miami Lakes, FL

November/December 2017 Sharp Pulse 17 Dealer Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

November 2017 ACDI Boots, Buckaroos & BBQ Solutions Summit, Tempe, AZ

November 2017 Cannata Charity Dinner, Morristown, NJ

November 2017 Sharp HQ Visit, Montvale, NJ

November 2017 The Jillian Gala, Garfield, NJ

October 2017 CopierFax DOCtoberfest, Buffalo, NY

October 2017 ACDI Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Benton, Arkansas

October 2017 Konica Minolta Europe Dealer Meeting, Berlin, Germany

October 2017 Konica Minolta FuturREady Dealer Meeting, Carlsbad, CA

September 2017 Elatec Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

August 2017 BTA National Convention, Las Vegas, NV

August 2017 ecoprintQ Tech Conference, Miami Beach, FL

July 2017 Epson Press and Analyst Event, New York, NY

July 2017 Sharp Dealer Road Show, MetLife Stadium, NJ

June 2017 HP, The Power of Print, Palo Alto, CA

May 2017 The Ride for Jillian, AZ to DC

May 2017 Executive Connection Summit (ECS), Scottsdale, AZ

May 2017 Toshiba LEAD, Orlando, FL

April 2017 Kyocera Dealer Meeting, Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

April 2017 ITEX Expo, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

April 2017 Muratec Label University at ITEX, Las Vegas,NV

April 2017 MPSA Opening Party at ITEX, Las Vegas, NV

April 2017 ACDI Top Golf Event at ITEX, Las Vegas, NV

March 2017 Xerox Product Launch, New York, NY

March 2017 Samsung Dealer Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

March 2017 Konica Minolta Spotlight Live, Berlin, Germany

March 2017 BTA Spring Break, Orlando, FL

March 2017 One Canon, Boca FL

February 2017 Sharp HQ Tour, Montvale, NJ

January 2017 EFI Connect, Las Vegas, NV

December 2016 Xerox Investor’s Conference, New York, New York

November 2016 The Jillian Fund Gala, Garfield NJ

October 2016 Ricoh ConvergX, Las Vegas NV

October 2016 Lake Business Products, Samsung Event, Cleveland OH

October 2016 GreatAmerica Visit, Cedar Rapids IA

September 2016 Continuum Navigate, Boston MA

September 2016 HP Global Partners Conference, Boston MA (Samsung acquisition announcement)

August 2016 Konica Minolta Dealer Conference, Aspen CO

August 2016 Canon Analyst Summit, Melville NY

June 2016 BTA National Conference and 90th Anniversary Celebration

May 2016 The Ride for Jillian – Scottsdale to DC

May 2016 Kyocera Dealer Meeting, Orlando FL

May 2016 Toshiba Dealer Meeting, Las Vegas NV

May 2016 Lexmark Dealer Meeting, Fort Lauderdale FL

May 2016 BPCA Meeting, Atlanta GA

May 2016 Canon Dealer Road Show, Melville NY

April 2016 Samsung Developer’s Conference, San Francisco

April 2016 Canon USA visit, Melville NY

March 2016 Panasonic Scanner Road Show, Oklahoma City OK

Match 2016 BTA Spring Break, New Orleans, LA

March 2016 Xerox Pre Drupa Briefing, Rochester NY

March 2016 ITEX 2016, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

March 2016 Xerox i-Series Launch, Rochester, NY

February 2016 Canon Solutions America, 3rd Anniversary Event, Boca, FL

February 2016 Executive Connection Summit

February 2016 Samsung HQ Visit

January 2016 Brother Analyst Event, NY

January 2016 EFI Connect 2016

January 2016 Konica Minolta Innovation Showcase, La Jolla, CA

December 2015 Sharp Dealer Meeting, San Antonio, TX

October 2015 Copier Fax of Buffalo Open House, Buffalo, NY

October 2015 Samsung Master Tech Challenge, Ridgefield, NJ

October 2015 Lexmark Analyst Briefing, Lexington, KY

September 2015 Print Audit Top 100 Summit

September 2015 Samsung Dealer Meeting, Miami

September 2015 Canon EXPO NY

August 2015 Xerox Graphic Communications Customer Rochester Event

June 2015 Sharp Tour de Force Road Show

May 2015 Industry Cancer Ride Fundraiser

April 2015 Kyocera Dealer Show – Las Vegas, NV

March 2015 Samsung Executive Briefing Center Tour

March 2015 HP’s Groundbreaking Printer Launch – NYC

March 2015 Ricoh Dealer Meeting – Las Vegas, NV

Feb. 2015 Toshiba Dealer Council Meeting – Miami, FL

Feb. 2015 Konica Minolta Dealer Show – Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 2015 Canon Solutions 2nd Annual Event – Miami, FL

Jan. 2015 EFI Connect – Las Vegas, NV