Gaithersburg, MD –’s Andy Slawetsky recently paid a visit to the headquarters of Nauticon Office Solutions, a well-known technology reseller located just a stone’s throw away from Washington DC. The visit wasn’t just a trip down memory lane; it was a showcase of what makes Nauticon a true contender in the office equipment sector.

Nauticon, with its robust presence in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and parts of PA, stands out as a premier provider of office equipment from leading brands such as Xerox, Toshiba,  Lexmark and PaperCut print management software from their partner ecoprintQ. The expansive facility in Gaithersburg, including a massive warehouse, is a testament to the company’s vast operations and dedication to fulfilling client needs and keeping things local, a hallmark of Nauticon. Not far from the main location, Nauticon’s lease return operation, housed in another large warehouse, further underlines the company’s scale and efficiency.

On the day of Andy’s visit, Nauticon’s President, Carter Hertzberg, was hosting a celebratory breakfast in recognition of the service department’s relentless commitment and to mark some individual company milestones during a sales meeting held that morning.

Nauticon is more than just hardware; their suite of services encompasses managed services, workflow solutions, cyber security, and much more. It’s this comprehensive approach that has consistently earned them a high net promoter score, a detail proudly highlighted during the meeting, when Carter referenced their CEO Juice reports.

A highlight of the day for Andy was speaking to this Nauticon team just down the street from where he started his career 30 years ago when he was a geo sales rep fresh out of the University of Maryland. Andy’s sales manager Mark Dirlam, the person who hired him is with Naution and presented Andy with a shirt from their “tour” in the 90’s, “I Survived the Merger,” a reference to their IKON days. (If you know, you know).

Nauticon was busy that morning with the entire company in the Gaithersburg office. A tour revealed a bustling customer service area, a nice bull pen, a  large managed service support area and monitors throughout the building keeping everyone on the same page with their goals, targets and daily objectives.

Nauticon’s demo room floor sported the sleek Xerox Versant digital press, showcasing the company’s production print proficiency. Close by were Xerox, Toshiba and Lexmark office devices of various sizes and capabilities.

It was a nice visit and it was great to see a thriving office technology company in the DC market. Thank you to Carter Hertzberg, Mark Dirlam, and the entire team at Nauticon for providing such a warm welcome and sharing their story. Stay tuned to for more insights from the world of office equipment and technology.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.