In this episode of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast, Andy Slawetsky sits down with Kamron Kunce from RJ Young to discuss the company’s amazing transformation and future outlook. Originally known for its copier and printer services, RJ Young has evolved into a comprehensive solutions provider, meeting the dynamic needs of today’s office equipment industry.

During the conversation, Kamron, VP of Marketing at RJ Young, delves into the company’s post-COVID-19 pivot and the introduction of new services. The discussion highlights RJ Young’s 4-pillar business model, their significant 70th anniversary, and the company’s commitment to building strong relationships with key vendors like Canon USA.

Listeners will learn about RJ Young’s diversification into managed services, collaboration technologies, and digital communication. With 80% of their business still rooted in traditional copier sales, the exciting 20% involves new ventures such as managed IT solutions and business process outsourcing.

The episode also touches on RJ Young’s future plans, including the highly anticipated 70th-anniversary celebration, expected to feature engaging events and networking opportunities.

Key Points:

  • RJ Young’s transformation from a copier and printer company to a comprehensive solutions provider.
  • Highlights of their 70th-anniversary celebration and innovative business model changes.
  • Insights into the company’s growth in managed IT solutions, business process outsourcing, and digital communication.
  • The importance of relationships with vendors like Canon.
  • Future plans and upcoming events celebrating RJ Young’s legacy and success.

Tune in now to learn from industry leaders and get inspired by RJ Young’s journey of innovation and commitment to excellence.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.