Held at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati from July 18 to 21, 2023, the Copier Dealer Association (CDA) Conference served as a dynamic meeting point for the industry’s leading minds. Offering an inspiring blend of deep-dive discussions, networking sessions, and informative presentations, the event crafted an enriching experience for attendees from all spheres of the office equipment industry.

The conference kick-started with the MTA “Innovation on the Rocks” Cocktail Mixer—an enjoyable and relaxing evening that set a lively tone for the ensuing event. The following day’s morning address covered the critical aspect of “What Sales Reports Matter? Killer Metrics & Reports,” elucidating participants on leveraging data for business growth.

One of the high points of the event was the seminar by Josh Peterson on financials, which was an enlightening session interspersed with actionable insights. Ben Altman and JVB further amplified the learning curve with their shared expertise on MSP Sales Strategies, while Mark Jennings’ presentation on managing risk in the MSP industry was particularly timely, given the challenging economic landscape.

The Cincinnati Underground Brewery Tour offered a fascinating mix of history, culture, and of course, fine brews. This segment allowed participants to take a break from the high-intensity discussions while networking in an informal environment.

The following dinner at Vista Lytle Park was the perfect culmination to a day well-spent, offering exquisite dining against a breathtaking city view backdrop.

The second day featured an insightful onsite visit to ProSource—a CDA member’s dealership, providing a real-world understanding of dealership operations.

Later sessions with Justin Roff Marsh on “The Machine” and Andrew Ritschel’s presentation on Electric Vehicle Charging stations as a new revenue opportunity were highlights, offering transformative business strategies and cutting-edge technological applications.

Kyle Jackson’s deep-dive into the AI landscape, focusing on the utilization of AI and ChatGPT in businesses, was nothing short of enlightening. This was followed by a memorable cocktail party and dinner event, further deepening the bond within the CDA community.

The conference’s final day commenced with the much-awaited CDA website reveal and a review by Todd Johnson and John Hey, offering valuable insights into industry trends and compensation surveys.

The CDA Conference 2023 was a meticulously organized event, characterized by its combination of in-depth knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, all in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The event marked a significant stride for the office equipment industry, facilitating the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, fostering partnerships, and paving the way for future innovation.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.