On the evening of March 15th, the office equipment industry gathered in Garfield, NJ, to mark a milestone: the 10th and final gala of The Jillian Fund. The Jillian Fund was established by George Gorman of Ricoh in honor of his daughter, Jillian.

Through the relentless efforts of the Jillian Fund Board and many volunteers, including the Patriots Pack, a band of motorcycle enthusiasts from within the office equipment industry, the fund has raised over $3.5 million to date. This monumental achievement speaks volumes about the character and compassion of our industry.


This final gala was a bittersweet celebration attended by over 500 individuals, representing the broad spectrum of our industry, from manufacturers to dealers. The Jillian Fund’s partnership with Hackensack University Medical Center has been life-changing for over 300 families, offering them much-needed support during their most challenging times.

The decision for The Jillian Fund to be absorbed by Hackensack University Medical Center marks a new chapter. The hospital has named a program after Jillian, ensuring her legacy and the fund’s mission continue. This transition is a testament to the fund’s success and its impact, which has grown beyond what one might have imagined at its inception.

As one of the original members of the Patriots Pack, I’ve had the privilege of participating in every Ride for Jillian. These rides were not just about the journey or the destination but about the people we met and the stories we shared. The unity and camaraderie experienced during these rides underscored the unique spirit of our industry. Even as we competed in business, we stood united in our support for this noble cause.

The final Ride for Jillian was a reflective journey, honoring the past while looking forward to how we continue to make a difference. The recognition of the Patriots Pack during the gala was a humbling moment, highlighting the collective efforts of everyone who has supported The Jillian Fund over the years.

As we close this chapter, it’s important to note that the spirit of giving and support within our community does not end here. The Patriots Pack will ride again in September, this time in support of a BTA scholarship fund aimed at helping the children of military and ex-military personnel. This new cause is a reminder that our support and philanthropy continues, shaped by the legacy of The Jillian Fund and the tens of thousands of miles we’ve ridden together.


The end of the Ride for Jillian is not just an end but a transition. It’s a celebration of what we’ve accomplished together and an invitation to continue making a difference. As we move ahead, let’s carry forward the spirit of generosity, unity, and community that defined our ride with The Jillian Fund. Here’s to new roads, new causes, and the enduring impact of what we build together.

~Andy Slawetsky, Industry Analysts Inc., and proud member of the Patriots Pack

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.