By Andy Slawetsky; Buffalo, NY – When the air gets crisp and leaves start to turn, Buffalo showcases its best. This October, the city added another feather to its cap as it warmly welcomed members of the Select Dealer Group (SDG) for their fall conference. Buffalo’s own David Scibetta, the hands-on president of SDG, decided to bring the event to his beloved hometown, setting the stage for an unforgettable three days.

The first night’s vibe was set at the Buffalo Chop House. More than just an iconic steakhouse in downtown Buffalo, this place held a corner in the hearts of many attendees.

It was the favorite haunt of David’s father, Al Scibetta, a cherished figure in the office equipment industry. Throughout the evening, the group’s fond remembrances of Al were constant with many toasts and shared memories.

“Al would have absolutely loved this,” David said.

Day two was all about diving deep and sharing wisdom. The morning kicked off with an intriguing presentation by a leasing company, shedding light on new trends. Followed by a discussion about Zoom Info. A couple of enterprising office equipment dealers shared their playbook on how they’re using this tool to make waves in the market. What’s fantastic about groups like SDG is that they truly become a goldmine for shared wisdom. As someone aptly put it during a coffee break, “Every dealer should get into a group like this. It’s like a family that’s got your back.”

While business took center stage, Buffalo ensured everyone had a good time. Some of the attendees’ spouses took a day trip to the dreamy town of Ellicottville, a little gem about an hour’s drive from Buffalo. Later, it was time for a Buffalo Sabres game. The connection was deeper here; David’s company, CopierFax Business Technologies, proudly sponsors the Sabres. There’s nothing quite like cheering for your home team, especially when business and passion intersect.

The conference’s last day still had some tricks up its sleeve. A few more presentations, and then, the grand finale – a trip to the mesmerizing Niagara Falls. The Maid of the Mist tour was the cherry on top, making sure attendees left with both insights for the mind and memories for the soul.

All said and done, SDG’s Fall Conference 2023 was more than just a business event. It was about community, memories, and celebrating what makes this industry so special.

As members bid adieu to Buffalo, they left richer – in knowledge, friendships, and stories to tell. SDG is currently recruiting new members for a few open territories. Click here to learn more about this invaluable peer group.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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