In this episode of the What’s Happenin’ podcast, hosted by Andy Slawetsky, Anna Grubb, Global Vice President of Sales for Field Service at ECI Software Solutions, shares insights into ECI’s operations and plans. Grubb, who oversees key solutions like E-Automate, Print Fleet, FM Audit, and Print Audit, talks about ECI’s role as a major software provider in the office technology industry.

Key highlights from the interview include:

  1. Introduction to ECI: Grubb gives a brief overview of ECI, highlighting its evolution through various acquisitions, which have cemented its status as a leading software company in the industry.
  2. E-Automate: As ECI’s flagship ERP, E-Automate is essential for office equipment resellers. Grubb discusses its significance and the ongoing efforts to expand its reach internationally, particularly in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
  3. Printanista: Grubb explains the integration of legacy solutions into Printanista, a comprehensive tool for print management that combines the best features of Print Fleet, FM Audit, and Print Audit.
  4. Global Expansion: She shares details about ECI’s recent launch event in Sydney, Australia, which resulted in signing new dealers and expanding ECI’s footprint in the region.
  5. Upcoming Events: Grubb discusses the upcoming ECI Connect Conference in November (click here for info or to register), which will bring together customers from various divisions for training, networking, and learning about new developments. She also mentions ECI’s presence at industry events like BTA and IT Nation Connect from ConnectWise.
  6. Technology and Integration: Emphasizing ECI’s commitment to continuous improvement, Grubb talks about the frequent updates and new features being added to their solutions, as well as the company’s extensive partnerships and integrations with key industry players.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.