Woburn, MA – Nestled within Woburn, close to the bustling heart of Boston, stands the U.S. headquarters of RISO. This is where the Japanese giant’s cutting-edge printers and duplicators come to life for the American market.

Andy Slawetsky from Industry Analysts, embarked on a recent exploration of RISO’s U.S. hub. Greeted by Andre D’Urbano, RISO’s Vice President of Sales, the duo delved deep into the advancements and promises held by RISO’s technology.

Risography: Where Art and Print Technology Merge

In our rapidly digitalizing world, a distinct subculture has chosen to wade against the current. Embracing Risography, these artists have unlocked a passion for the unparalleled outcomes only this printing technique can yield. The influence of this unique medium has even found its way to institutions like RisoLAB at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Here, students immerse themselves in mastering the intricate nuances of RISO printing. Notably, Andy reflected on his prior visit to the school, underlining the increasing traction of Risography in the art world. Click here to read about our visit to RisoLAB.

A Demonstration to Remember

Post their discussion, Andre led Andy to a live demonstration, showcasing the technological marvels RISO has developed. One model that stood out was the Valezus T2100, capable of a jaw-dropping 320 pages per minute. To put the machine’s prowess into perspective, Andre cited an example of a client churning out an astounding million pages a day using just four of these machines.

But RISO’s environmental consciousness doesn’t take a back seat to its technical prowess. The company’s technology has continually proven to be more environmentally friendly than traditional laser printing. From significantly reduced waste headed for landfills to a fraction of the power consumption, RISO is certainly leading the green revolution in the print industry.

Andy’s tour also featured a demonstration of a duplicator seamlessly printing envelopes with variable data. Each envelope bore a unique print, with an accessory on the device’s input side allowing continuous feeding. This ingenious design ensures uninterrupted printing as long as the output tray is cleared regularly.

Inkjet’s Rising Dominance

RISO’s robust product portfolio is testament to why inkjet technology is taking over the production print landscape, especially in specific markets. One only has to glance at their daily mail to witness content borne from inkjet devices.

For office equipment resellers looking to expand their horizons, RISO emerges as an enticing ally. Their unparalleled inkjet technology not only complements the laser offerings of most resellers but also introduces them to the booming production print market.

Accompanied by vivid photographs and engaging video clips, like the one showcasing the envelope duplicator in action, this exploration into RISO’s world is an eye-opener for industry insiders and enthusiasts alike. The underlying message? An alliance with RISO could be the key for resellers aiming to capture a significant share in the modern print market.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.