By Andy Slawetsky – The Independent Business Products Integrators (IBPI), the foremost buyer’s group in the office equipment reseller channel, made waves earlier this year as they surpassed all previous records. A whopping $1,000,000 in rebates were given back to their members, cementing their reputation for outstanding member benefits.

The conference, which took place a day before the much-awaited BTA National Conference, saw an enthralling mix of presentations, allowing members to stay updated with the latest in the industry. However, the real highlight of the day were the innovative ‘speed dating’ sessions. A unique networking opportunity, these sessions paired dealers with vendors at tables for a designated period, ensuring effective and focused discussions.

Chris Polek of Polek & Polek brought an added element of excitement to the day by hosting a raffle, which was greeted with enthusiasm by attendees.

To cap off the engaging day, members had the incredible opportunity to experience a Boston Red Sox game at the iconic Fenway Park. For many, this was a memorable experience, blending business with pleasure in the most delightful way.

Credit for the smooth coordination and success of this event goes to Mark Grice, IBPI’s dedicated director. His relentless efforts ensured that attendees got the maximum value out of the conference.

For those in the office equipment reseller industry, the benefits of joining a renowned group like IBPI are becoming increasingly evident. Not only do members enjoy significant financial rewards, as showcased by this year’s impressive rebate figures, but they also gain unparalleled networking opportunities. Being a part of IBPI means staying ahead of the curve, connecting with industry leaders, and enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences like the one at Fenway Park. Click here to learn more about IBPI.

Considering the triumph of this year’s event, office equipment resellers looking for growth, support, and unparalleled industry insights might find that IBPI is the community they’ve been searching for.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.