The DocuWorld Partner Conference, held on May 4-5 in Orlando, Florida, was an exciting and informative event. Over 250 exhibitors and attendees came together for two days of networking, learning and sharing insights into the latest technology products and solutions in document management.

The conference was highlighted by an awards dinner Casino night, where Toshiba received significant recognition for their DocuWare sales, with over 50 representatives present, including new TABS CFO and TBS President Steve Sauer. Ricoh also had a strong presence with Jen Healy and her team there. Dealers large and small were also in attendance, such as Visual Edge IT, Flex Technology Group, copier Faxt BT, Emerald Imaging, James Imaging and others.

The event featured presentations by key figures in the industry, including DocuWare US President Jim Roberts, and DocuWare Global Co-Presidents Max Ertl and Dr. Michael Berger.

The conference also had a captivating keynote address by Shari Levitin, a sales guru who shared her expertise on selling with an authentic and heartfelt approach.


Levitin’s engaging presentation offered valuable insights into bridging the gap between meeting sales quotas and forming genuine connections with clients.

The breakout sessions at the conference were highly informative, covering a wide range of topics tailored to meet the interests and needs of attendees. Sales-related sessions were designed for maximum flexibility, allowing participants to create their own agenda by attending the sessions most relevant to them.

Technical sessions delved into key subjects such as workflow, advanced workflow, integrations with iPaaS and the latest version release, providing an in-depth look into the cutting-edge developments in the field of document management.

The DocuWorld Partner Conference 2023 was a fast-paced couple of days, offering an invaluable opportunity for Authorized DocuWare Partners, the DocuWare team and alliance companies to come together and learn from one another. This year was all about partners as DocuWare decided to forgo the customer portion of the event, something they had done in past DocuWorld conferences. This year was completely focused on their resellers.

The event fostered a spirit of collaboration and innovation, ensuring that attendees left with new ideas, skills and connections to help drive their businesses forward. The combination of engaging presentations, insightful breakout sessions, and excellent networking opportunities made this year’s conference an unforgettable experience for all involved. Dealers looking for powerful document management solutions can find a great partner DocuWare based on what we saw at this conference.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.