New WebCRD Release Adds In-app Collaboration Workflows and Enhancements That Increase Efficiency

RSA’s latest WebCRD in-plant Web to Print software release includes new customer-requested features and enhancements that further reduce manual steps and errors and increase efficiency for shops and their customers. The release offers new game-changing shop and customer collaboration inside WebCRD and adds additional capabilities to the software’s Book Assembly module, automation rules engine, AutoFlow™, and user account contact values.

In-plant print centers continually seek out ways to reduce costs in their shops while increasing their value and services to their customers and parent organization. Our latest WebCRD release addresses those challenges and benefits corporate and in-house print centers by automating workflow while giving the shop control, efficiency, visibility, and flexibility. 

Collaborate and Communicate with Customers Inside WebCRD with New Feature, Order Review

A shop may have automated a good deal of the catalog and routine orders, but there are often jobs that need time-consuming and manual attention like proofs or job changes such as adding labor or replacing a file. Reviews are also needed for ad hoc credit card orders before payment, where the exact price may change in production.

With WebCRD’s new Order Review feature customers and the print shop can collaborate on projects and changes without a need to leave the software or use other less efficient communication channels like email— while retaining an auditable and consistent record of the interactions inside WebCRD.

In fact, this new feature lets a shop effortlessly communicate and collaborate inside WebCRD for any workflow where a review process with the customer is desired such as wide format, offering graphics services, or even for special one-time job builds.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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