Secure Printing for Local Government with PaperCut MF

Today ecoprintQ looks at the common questions that surround the local government sector when it comes to security by uncovering the main issues local government may have when it comes to keeping documents secure. We’ll offer some solutions for these common issues and highlight how PaperCut MF and ecoprintQ can help you keep your documents secure.

Whether you call it local government, council, or community services, they’re the kind souls keeping our area functional, safe, and fun. It’s not just the frustrating DMV, the stale voting office, the boring ‘red tape’ runner, it’s all the helpful organizations that make our communities better!

Let’s look at some of the main questions surrounding the local government sector:

Does your staff frequently print confidential data without any way of tracking or protecting it?

Do you find sensitive documents sitting on the printer tray, or laying about the office, without any clues of who owns them?

Next, let’s uncover the issues these questions bring, like, confidential information being printed and forgotten, or left about for the wrong audience to see. No vision or accountability of who’s printed what, and the threat of security breaches stressing out you and your team.

How can PaperCut MF make sure you keep documents secure?

PaperCut MF solves these problems by finding the best answers to the questions looming over how to keep local government documents secure with these powerful features:

Encryption in transit: Protect data before, during, and after printing.

Secure Print Release: Keep jobs in a ‘hold’ state until the user authenticates at the printer with an ID card, access code, or even biometrics.

Compliance: GDPR, CCPA, DSGVO, whatever regulations apply, PaperCut MF supports compliance out of the box.

Watermarking: Physically identify print job ownership to improve accountability..

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