By Howie Fenton, Rochester Software Associates: VDP’s main strength lies in its capacity to make print materials more relevant and engaging. Even the modest act of inscribing a name on an item can significantly heighten its attractiveness and impact. As a judge for the now-defunct Print on Demand Initiative (PODI), I was fortunate enough to see over 500 case studies that demonstrated VDP’s potential to revolutionize marketing strategies through personalized communication.

The best direct mail campaigns, for instance, deliver the right message at the right time with the right offer – customer centricity at its best. And VDP is widely used in direct mail. It allows businesses to create personalized marketing materials, tailoring content to individual recipients. Studies and real-world applications have demonstrated that personalized marketing, facilitated by VDP, can significantly increase engagement, response rates, and ROI.

Since it was first introduced, clever companies have discovered new applications and markets for VDP. Some of these include:

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates