Coastal Copy is an office equipment reseller with four locations in California. Selling brands like Ricoh, HP and Kyocera as well as providing other services such as scanning, document management, managed service, Coastal has been servicing their customers for decades.

After learning about them at a CDA meeting in 2023, Joe selected SalesChain to replace their Compass/Sherpa CRM.

This What’s Happenin’ podcast discusses why Joe decided to change CRM, what they liked about SalesChain and how the implementation went. Joe and Andy discuss how the Coastal Copy team is now using the system, what they’re using it for and what their experience has been like so far.

Integrating with E-automate from ECI, consolidating apps and using the integrated document signing system allowed them to get rid of additional costly solutions that are all part of the SalesChain platform.

If you’re thinking about changing your CRM, this video will be very helpful.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.