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Here’s a list of the top 10 articles on Industry Analysts people clicked on in December 2023.

December’s Top 10 articles based on page views and events* from our website.

As we wrap up another month in the office technology industry, it’s time to look back at the biggest stories on our website in December. From major acquisitions to executive reshuffles, December has been a month of major developments.

Website Visitors: 21,125

Events: 197,014

  1. Toshiba Corp Delisted – Implications for Toshiba Tec: The delisting of Toshiba Corp raises questions about the future of Toshiba Tec. This move could have far-reaching effects on the company’s strategy and market presence. 6,925 events
  2. Marco Acquires: Marco continues its expansion, marking yet another strategic acquisition this month. The details of this acquisition could hint at Marco’s future direction and its impact on the industry. 4,424 events
  3. Ricoh CEO on ‘Drive for 25’ Initiative and 2024 Plans: A candid discussion with Ricoh’s CEO sheds light on the company’s ambitious ‘Drive for 25’ initiative. As 2024 approaches, these plans are set to redefine Ricoh’s market strategy. 3,918 events
  4. Sharp Electronics’ Remarkable Growth: Sharp reports a staggering 250% growth in MFP sales. This, along with developments in inventory management and new ventures in stadium displays and NEC, highlights Sharp’s upward trajectory. 2,863 events
  5. HP’s Leadership Shuffle: Tami Beach steps into a pivotal VP role amidst HP’s organizational restructuring. This move is poised to influence HP’s relationships with office equipment resellers. 2,767 events
  6. Xerox Salesman’s Christmas Miracle: In a heartwarming turn of events, a Xerox salesman and Iron Smoke Distillery come to the rescue of Carmelite Nuns facing a Christmas card crisis. 2,441 events
  7. Xerox CEO Interviews Michigan Office Equipment Reseller: This interview offers insights into the local market dynamics and how they align with Xerox’s broader strategy. 1,841 events
  8. Cisco’s Strategic Acquisition: Cisco announces its intent to acquire a cloud networking and security company, signaling a significant move in the industry. 868 events
  9. Epson’s Milestone with Resellers: Epson surpasses the 150-reseller mark, indicating sustained growth and a solidifying presence in the office equipment sector. 830 events
  10. Kyocera’s Security Update: Addressing a critical vulnerability, Kyocera issues an important solution update, underscoring the importance of cybersecurity in office technology. 827 events

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* In analytics, an event is recorded when an Internet user performs an action on your website.