This end-of-year discussion with Sharp’s President and CEO, Mike Marusic offers a comprehensive look back at the achievements of 2023 and a peek into the potential of 2024.

The highlight of the conversation is Sharp’s remarkable 250% year-over-year growth on black and white models (127% overall), a testament to the company’s innovative strategies and strong dealer relationships. Marusic delves into the intricacies of this success, shedding light on the operational and strategic decisions that propelled Sharp to new heights.

Equally captivating is the discussion around the launch of Sharp’s new production color digital printing press and the showcasing of their production print offerings for the first time at Printing United, one of the industry’s most significant print events.

The podcast takes a celebratory turn as Marusic reflects on the 100-year anniversary of one of Sharp’s dealers. This milestone is more than a celebration of longevity; it’s a story of enduring partnerships and mutual growth, resonating deeply with office equipment resellers.

A particularly intriguing segment is the expansion of dealers into selling stadium displays, a move that illustrates the dynamic and evolving nature of the office equipment industry. This diversification, including the integration of Sharp/NEC, as discussed by Marusic, is a strategic step towards broader market engagement.

Marusic also addresses the previously concerning inventory issues, now significantly improved, no-doubt offering a sigh of relief to resellers. This improvement is a crucial factor in maintaining the momentum of growth and customer satisfaction.

Surprisingly, the fastest-growing segment in 2023 for Sharp was monochrome, an unexpected twist in a market often focused on color. Marusic’s analysis of this trend provides valuable insights into market dynamics and consumer preferences.

Looking ahead, they discuss Marusic’s upcoming participation as a keynote speaker at the Executive Connection Summit, one of the industry’s truly great networking events held in January.

Finally, Marusic chats about his vision for the industry and the identification of potential speed bumps for 2024 – crucial for resellers and industry players aiming to stay ahead of the curve.Top of Form

Enjoy this video interview and thanks for watching.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.