In a recent episode of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast, hosted by Andy Slawetsky, listeners were treated to a chat about HP’s year in 2023, particularly as it pertained to office equipment resellers

Tami Beach shared how 2023 has been a remarkable year for the company, marked by major enhancements in incentive programs for dealers. These programs, tailored for both company owners and sales representatives, aim to bolster HP’s standing in the competitive market.

A portion of the conversation was dedicated to discussing HP’s restructured channel support. This strategic move, designed to more effectively meet the needs of dealers, involves dedicating staff exclusively to supporting channel partners, rather than dividing their focus between channel support and HP’s direct operations – something seen as a conflict of interest by resellers. This change addresses past concerns and is anticipated to be warmly received by dealers.

Another highlight of the interview was the discussion of HP’s active role in the 2023 Executive Connection Summit (ECS) in Scottsdale. Tami Beach spoke on artificial intelligence (AI) at the event, a topic that, at the time, was still emerging in industry conversations. Looking forward, the anticipation is high for the upcoming ECS, where Tami will be participating in an AI panel, promising to offer intriguing insights into the evolving role of AI in the industry.

The podcast took a bittersweet turn as Tami announced a significant personal achievement – her promotion to VP of US Consumer Sales. This role marks a new chapter for Tami, who has become a respected figure in her current position, greatly contributing to HP’s success and reputation in the channel. Her move is a significant shift for both her and the company, signaling both growth and change.

For office equipment resellers, this episode of “What’s Happenin'” is not just a mere podcast; it’s a glimpse into the plans of one of the industry’s leading companies and an influential leader.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.