While boxed software is a perfectly viable solution for some business settings, companies often find themselves wishing for more power and flexibility from their technology. If you are an office technology dealer, SalesChain represents your number one choice. When your organization partners with an industry-specific software solution, you’re presented with a set of tools that is specific to the functions of your business. When there is a clear workflow, and clear utilities to perform that work, your organization can take advantage of that system much more effectively.

Connect Your Sales and Back Office Staff

Many single function sales products are available on the market however they serve only one aspect of your business and must be combined to create a total solution.  This requires investment in multiple software packages, that may or may not be compatible.  A unified solution precludes the need for employees to learn, manage and manually collect data from disparate software systems.  SalesChain software combines CRM, business intelligence charting, document generation and delivery management all into one, easy-to-use solution.  It automatically centralizes data streams from sales, customer service and marketing and makes them easily accessible in a highly visible format through customizable dashboards.  Managers, sales representatives, customer service personnel and the marketing team are all on the same page because all aspects of the sales process can be seen by the entire workforce.

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