Unlock Real-Time Benefits with Integrated Marketing Automation Tools in Your SalesChain Dashboard. 

[Southbury, CT] – Exciting news! Software provider SalesChain and content marketing automation platform EvolvedOffice have taken their partnership to the next level: the integration is now live. SalesChain users can now access and utilize Evolved Office’s industry-specific marketing automation tools directly within the SalesChain interface.

Tim Szczygiel, SalesChain’s founder and CEO, had this to say:

“We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with Evolved Office has now been fully realized with a live integration. This milestone enables our customers to jumpstart their marketing strategies through immediate access to advanced marketing automation tools. It’s not just about syncing lists anymore; it’s about experiencing seamless automation to drive impactful campaigns and more meaningful leads.”

What This Means for SalesChain Users

With this integration, SalesChain users can effortlessly synchronize their customer lists and access Evolved Office’s powerful features such as social media automation, ready-to-go email marketing campaigns, lead tracking, and comprehensive reporting, all in real-time. This integration enables users to create automated marketing campaigns for things like End-of-Lease, Client Onboarding, Customer Upsell and anything else you can think of.

Marc Spring, Evolved Office CEO, states:

“In a world where real-time responsiveness is key, our integration with SalesChain is more than a collaboration. It’s our shared vision of equipping businesses with top tools to streamline marketing and achieve results. Today, we’re setting a new standard in marketing automation for the industry.”

About SalesChain: SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office equipment dealers. A CIO Magazine top 10 Workflow Automation Company, SalesChain provides CRM, CPQ, Quote to Cash and more for copier dealers and managed service providers. SalesChain helps dealers create smart data that can be used across the business to create more efficient operations.

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About Evolved Office: Evolved Office is a leading provider of content and marketing automation solutions and managed marketing for office equipment dealerships and MSPs. Its comprehensive marketing suite of tools includes everything you need to market on one platform.

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