The top 3 most clicked on PaperCut articles of 2023:

  1. In “The Future of Print Management: Insights on Cloud, Security, and Sustainability”, PaperCut, along with other industry leaders, discussed critical themes in print management. This included exploring cloud technologies, emphasizing the importance of security, and considering sustainable practices for the future of the industry​​.
  2. PaperCut’s strategic vision was a focal point at ecoSummit 2023, as covered in “PaperCut’s Strategic Vision Unveiled at ecoSummit 2023”. The summit highlighted PaperCut’s innovative strategies and future plans, showcasing their commitment to progress and customer-oriented solutions​​.
  3. Celebrating a significant milestone, “From Startup to Beyond: PaperCut Software Celebrates 25 Years of Planet-Saving Print Management” highlights PaperCut’s 25th anniversary. The company reflected on its journey from a modest beginning to becoming a leader in the industry, emphasizing its commitment to environmentally friendly printing and its impact over the years​​.

These articles, popular among readers as per Google Analytics, showcase PaperCut’s active role in shaping the future of print management.

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Source: Industry Analysts