Wait a second. Forget who PaperCut is… what the heck is this software? I’m willing to wager, say, one sheet of paper, that you haven’t heard the term “print management” before. You might be surprised to hear that it’s an essential aspect of modern business.

Printing is one of those things we only notice when it’s a problem. Print management software makes the administration of printing simple and automatic. With a print management solution, you can streamline printing processes, improve efficiency, and most importantly reduce operational costs.

With the growing demands of the digital age, in a hybrid-working world where “Zoom meeting” and “You’re on mute, Dwight” go hand-in-hand, print management is of the utmost importance. Companies need to connect their devices to print queues. Administrators need control of their print environment. And it all needs to be as simple as selecting  “Join meeting” or clicking “Turn on microphone.”

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Source: PaperCut