There’s nothing worse than billing processes that involve wasteful double-entry and time-consuming methods of billing for usage.

Whether you are an office equipment dealer selling copiers on cost-per-copy finance agreements, or a managed service provider needing to easily bill and invoice for an ever-changing array of software, hardware, and as-a-service solutions, the administrative process you follow has a large impact on your bottom line, be it positive or negative.

For well over a decade, GreatAmerica Financial Services has built and expanded upon our comprehensive billing infrastructure to support solution providers selling a wide range of technology and as-a-service offerings. We’ve been deliberate in developing integrations with leading ERP software providers serving the imaging and technology channels. This blog will hone in on three specific integrations with ECI e-automate®ConnectWise, and CEO Juice.

What Does Our ECI e-automate® Integration Do? 

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