By Howie Fenton, Rochester Software Associates: Every year, printers find themselves faced with opportunities for change. At the same time, there are new challenges to overcome as well. And as 2023 comes to an end, 2024 promises to offer some of each.

Whether it’s labor shortages, a decline in customer service, or a shift from production specialists to generalists, the challenges have been evolving over the past few years – which makes them familiar to most printers by now. But there are growing opportunities as well, and strategies printers are harnessing to find new potential or mitigate the effects of the obstacles they’re facing.

  1. Industry Mega Trends Will Require a Shift in Focus

The print demand landscape is undergoing significant changes. While some companies have bounced back to their pre-pandemic production levels, others are still lagging. And while there’s a notable decline in the demand for some applications, there are also several new applications and technologies as well – including digital envelope printing, design services, promotional materials, stickers, flatbed printing, contour cutting, promotional products, personalized database printing, inkjet printing, large format, copier fleet management, packaging, and labeling.

This shift requires printers to place a renewed focus on diversifying services and equipment to meet these emerging demands.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates