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  1. UBEO Continues Expansion with Latest Acquisition

UBEO, a prominent player in the business technology sector, has expanded its footprint with a strategic acquisition, signaling continued growth and an aggressive push for market share in the competitive office equipment landscape.

  1. Kodak Breaks New Ground with KODAK PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press Sale

Kodak has made headlines with the first global sale of its KODAK PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press, touted as the world’s fastest inkjet press. This groundbreaking technology sets new standards for speed and productivity in high-volume printing.

  1. Sharp Honored with Multiple Frank Awards and Veterans Recognition

Sharp has been recognized with three Frank Awards for its excellence in the industry, alongside a distinguished award for its commendable veterans support program. These accolades reflect Sharp’s commitment to quality and its dedication to honoring service members.

  1. ACDI Energy Services Expands Its Reseller Network

ACDI Energy Services is broadening its reach by adding new members to its growing reseller network. This expansion underscores the company’s aim to deliver comprehensive solutions in energy management and office efficiency.

  1. Forecasting 2024: The 9 Print Industry Trends to Watch

From Rochester Software Associates: As businesses plan ahead, keeping an eye on upcoming trends is crucial. A recent report highlights nine significant trends that are expected to impact the print industry in 2024, from technological innovations to shifts in consumer demand.

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