Four Sales Training Techniques You Should Know

As a salesperson or team manager, training and growing is a process you’ll engage in throughout your career. Education is a life-long pursuit that can keep you current with the latest trends, techniques and technology in sales.

Educating your sales team members can not only increase sales, it can help to keep your team motivated and engaged, build loyalty for your company, and result in bigger paychecks for everyone involved!

Here are four tips to maximize your training program’s effectiveness and keep your sales team growing, engaged and working together to improve their results!

Use e-Learning to Educate Your Team

The Internet has made life-long learning easier than ever before. E-learning is flexible and can work for busy salespeople. In fact, Forrester Research found the 75% of employees prefer watching video over reading. In terms of your businesses bottom line, using video as an ongoing training resource reduces costs and can increase productivity. Video training is an “on-demand” service which can enable better retention. This is one of its key benefits. When your salesperson has the time, anytime, they can further their studies. It’s also a great benefit to be able to go back and review something they may have forgotten, or as a resource for additional information.

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