Kelley Connect adds new locations across the Pacific Northwest, 2022 best year yet

SEATTLE: Kelley Connect continues to expand its West Coast footprint with three significant business acquisitions in the past several weeks. The new branches in Butte, Montana, Bellingham and Wenatchee, Washington, and Anchorage, Alaska, bring cybersecurity and technology services to smaller markets, as well as open access to the now nearly 50-location Kelley Connect network.

“We like bringing established companies into the fold,” said Kelley Connect CEO Aric Manion. “We’ve looked at these businesses, we will add a few people there, and exponentially increase their ability to serve an existing and thriving customer base.”

The employees at Michael Business Machines in Bellingham, OfficeTECH in Anchorage and Wenatchee, and Lee’s Office City in Butte, will all be retained.

“We’re continuing to build on our commitment and vision to help businesses find strategic advantages for their customers,” Manion continued. “We are building on what looks to be our most successful year in the history of the company, and our growing workforce is the big reason why.”


More about Kelley Connect: Now with locations across Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska, Kelley is among the largest privately-owned and growing office technology companies in the Western United States. The broad regional footprint enables Kelley Connect to maintain a strong presence while still being right down the street with the same energy and service from the days when we were founded in 1974. We’re just on a bunch more streets.

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