Are You Making These Six Common Selling Mistakes?

Whether you’re selling widgets, advertising, coffee or print services, your organization would cease to exist without sales. Today, there is so much competition both in the “real” world and online that closing a sale can be difficult. Many salespeople may be making mistakes that could be jeopardizing the close without even knowing it.

Here are six common do’s and don’ts of selling that can increase your closing ratio and generate more revenue:

  1. Don’t jump to conclusions – When working on a sale, start by gaining an understanding of your prospect’s needs. You may have the perfect solution, and can adjust your pitch to emphasize the advantages and ability of your product or service to meet their needs. Let your prospect do the talking, actively listen to their needs and adjust.
  2. Never put the sale before the customer – Of course your ultimate goal is to close the sale. But if your customer suspects that this is your ONLY intention, the relationship could be over before it begins. Your goal is always to address your customer’s pain points, satisfying your customer’s needs and providing value. Your best chance for future sales is an existing customer. Build lasting relationships by always putting the customer first.

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