Who Are You in 2021? Deciding Can Ensure Your Future

Pandemic Reckoning

Elisha Kasinskas, RSA – No one knows better than you that your business and your customer’s business have changed in the last 10 months. If you remained in contact with your customers during this time, you probably have a good idea about the state of their businesses.

Now as we creep closer to a year of the pandemic and many businesses have adapted and/or are returning to some semblance of normal, is an excellent time to define who you want to be going forward.

A recent “What They Think” video interview with Ace Designs’ Sheri Robertson observed that there are going to be winners, losers, survivors, and thrivers in this environment. There already are. Even though she was describing commercial printers, she could just as easily be describing technology and solutions providers—such as those selling RSA’s Web to Print and workflow solutions.

SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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