According to recent research conducted by Black Book Market Research, 93% of US Healthcare organizations surveyed had suffered a data breach in the past 5 years*. Alarmingly, the research also found that more than half of these organizations had suffered multiple breach incidents in the same period.

In many cases it appears that employees had accessed highly confidential patient records. Forbes recently publicized that 58% of healthcare system breaches involve internal personnel to perform the breach**, making it even harder to detect data breaches in this industry.

While hospitals continue to invest in their facilities, staff and the latest medical equipment, it is becoming painfully obvious that those in the Healthcare sector need to urgently review their network security strategy. This includes investing in appropriate solutions and monitoring capabilities. Only by taking this step will healthcare organizations ensure patient data is fully secure, and compliant with the HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Read this case study to find out how this American hospital is successfully protecting their patient data and enhancing compliance with HIPAA.

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SOURCE Ringdale

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