Print is Coming Back But not Like It was

Talking about what life looks like in a post-pandemic world is so common now, that I think we’re all a little tired of hearing about it. It’s a tired cliché at this point. However, this transitional period hasn’t passed yet, so try as we might to avoid it, it’s important to grit our teeth, do some planning, and consider how changes will affect the office equipment and technology channel.

As we get more information and patterns and trends get analyzed, it seems that changes are inevitable but still unpredictable. Definitively saying that the office technology industry is going one way or another is about as sure as placing a bet on your favorite NCAA bowl game.

Some employees’ return to working in the office rather than working remotely will re-invigorate the need for print to an extent, but also the changes we are seeing in the print environment (a change from A3 to A4 devices and more need for network services) are going to persist and grow.

What we can say for sure (of any transitional phase) is that flexibility will be the key to successful business practices in 2022, even beyond. The evolution of technology is the one constant and businesses must change with the times to remain viable.

Jay McBain, principal analyst at Forrester, states that over 76% of global CEOs think the current business models won’t exist in five years! (Reference #4) Successful new business models will be ones that leverage the power of the internet and “real-time” commerce to harness a connected marketplace.

Post-Pandemic Flexibility

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