QDirect New Release Automates Job Onboarding and Output and Optimizes Production

New Email Capabilities and Enhanced Grouping, VDP and Preflighting Functions

The new QDirect output management release, available soon, increases value to in-plant and commercial shops by adding the ability to leverage email to automate job onboarding and job output; optimize production and delivery with grouping and batching enhancements; and enables easier file optimization for print with an improved preflighting interface.

The new QDirect release can save your even more time and money managing output across your shop’s entire workflow. Learn if you should consider QDirect for managing your shop.

Send and Receive Emails from QDirect with the Latest Software Release

Our new output management release adds the ability to send and receive email right from QDirect, further automating email onboarding and the job output process. Let’s look at receiving email with QDirect and then we’ll discuss sending email from QDirect.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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