Intuitive for PaperCut MF is the first application to take advantage of the PaperCut Data Integration features and provides a pre-integrated BI solution that works alongside PaperCut MF.

Regular reports for different budget holders are automated and personalized with no effort. And the visual dashboards have been designed to identify where you can improve the efficiency of your print infrastructure.

Here are three of the interesting areas where Intuitive dashboards can give you insights: 

Which devices are under-used across our organization?

Using the Device Analysis dashboard we can quickly and easily show which departments are using a particular device type. This dashboard shows the volume printed by each device in this category and identifies under-used devices.

A further drill-down into the data, using a single click can show the individual users who are using this printer.  Using this dashboard you can identify an under-utilized device, and perhaps look to move usage from an over-utilized device in another area?

Which applications are driving print consumption?

Now, what if you could see which applications (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc) are driving print demand?  And within that, see the top 500 users of print, analyzed by month, and broken down by mono/color?

This level of detail about the print behavior of users within your organization can help you to control costs and ensure appropriate print policies and rules are in place (using PaperCut MF of course).

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