Announcing the Launch of 2 New Models from RISO: The ComColor FT5430 and the ComColor FT1430!

Andre D’Urbano, RISO – FY21 is shaping up to be an exciting year at RISO given several new Product announcements on the horizon. The current health emergency has disrupted what was to be the launch of an entire series of products in America. Consequently, we are introducing the FT Series on a per unit bases.

The first is the Flagship of the new FT Series, The FT5430

  • 140 Pages per Minute
  • CMYK Printing with improved Ink yields across the spectrum
  • Improved Image quality using a new Ink formula
  • Duty Cycle of 500,000 prints per month of No Heat printing

The 2nd unit launched this month is the FT 1430. This is a first for RISO in North America as this device is a Monochrome (Black only printer). The role of RISO cut-sheet Inkjet printers is to bring color printing to those on a tight budget. There are too many people trapped in world of B/W printing because color has been unfairly labeled as “too expensive”. Enter RISO with affordable Color output for even the tightest of budgets.

The FT1430 is a Monochrome device with the following advantages:

  • 140 PPM
  • 600 DPI Black output
  • Duty Cycle of 500,000 prints per month of No Heat printing

For those in the business of Inserting and Folding documents into envelopes, the Flat Monochrome output from an FT1430 is ideal. And with both the 5430 as well as the 1430 generating output at 8400 Impressions per hour, Productivity will be a considerable benefit.

Finally, we cannot overlook the environmental benefits of a Lite-Production printer that has minimal emissions. For those customers in schools or hospitals with high print volumes and the need for clean air, the RISO FT Series Inkjet Printers can’t be beat.

Stay tuned, more to come from RISO in what is shaping up to be a big year for the RISO Dealer community now that sales are back to pre-pandemic Numbers.



Affordable Color Printing with RISO Inkjet for the Business Industry