In the realm of sales, the adage “time kills deals” reigns supreme. While I can’t pinpoint the exact source of this quote, its significance in sales is crystal clear. The lesson at hand is straightforward: speed is your ally. The faster you present a pricing proposition to a potential customer, the greater your chances are of sealing the deal. Allow me to illustrate this point with a personal anecdote from a few years back.

I found myself in need of a new furnace/AC unit for my home. It wasn’t an urgent situation, but rather a case of my current unit not meeting my needs. I decided to solicit bids from three different providers in my  local area. As fate would have it, I accepted an offer even before the final bidder had the chance to present their proposal. This experience sparked a thought: if a company couldn’t deliver a bid within a reasonable timeframe, how likely were they to handle installation and servicing in a timely manner?

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