RisoLAB at the School of Visual Arts opened in 2015 offering classes in RISOGRAPH duplicator printing to artists such as cartoonists, illustrators, designers and others. The program is hands-on and can be found on the SVA campus in NYC.

Panayiotis Terzis is an artist and world-renowned professor of RISOGRAPHY, the ink printing process used in these RISO digital duplicators (aptly supported by LDI Connect according to the stickers on them!).

Phil Hutinet is very active in the Washington DC art scene and he publishes local newsletter East City Art, highlighting local artists and events.

Phil came across RISO duplicator printing art while doing some research online.

Phil reached out to me, I called Keith Partridge, the duplicator king of RISO and Keith was kind enough to arrange a tour of the program and a demonstration by Panayiotis himself!

Here are my photos and videos from the day:

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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RISO Places More Production Inkjet Devices Year on Year than the Rest of the Industry Combined!