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By Elisha Kasinskas, Rochester Software Associates- While no model is totally inclusive, based on our calculations, a shop with 125 jobs per week could be saving over $118,000 annually just in time savings by automating some of the steps in production by using RSA’s WebCRD Web to Print.

But before you can more fully quantify the value of workflow automation for your shop, let’s take a step back and first define what workflow automation is. Workflow automation refers to the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules where human tasks, data or files are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules.

In Web to Print, workflow automation can take several forms, including:

  • Production automation of common tasks such as: prepress, releasing/queueing jobs to printing and finishing, identifying jobs that need attention, moving jobs to other statuses based on any number of parameters all without a anyone manually reviewing the jobs.
  • Customer ordering automation such as automating ordering choices, providing instant estimates, and applying billing and shipping based on the user’s account preferences.

A Changing Landscape and the Misalignment with Customer Preferences

Often, the value of automation using workflow software is only based on time savings. There also is value in overcoming some of these current challenges and industry trends you face:

  • Attracting and retaining customers

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates