By Howie Fenton for RSA – In my last post, (Why Killing E-mail Orders Matters for Your Recovery) we discussed that the cost savings of eliminating e-mail ordering was at least $10.5K according to recent Keypoint Intelligence (KPI) research. We also looked at other opportunities for labor savings by using workflow software, including: eliminating or reducing the number of job tickets, using templated solutions, and reducing rework due to brand inconsistency and issues created due to the time required to check or preflight files. In this article, we discuss 1) the additional savings if your in-plant operates in a higher labor cost area, and 2) the additional savings possible by reducing the costs associated with manual estimating and billing. The savings can reach $18K per function or $54K in total.

CSR Labor Costs Higher in Cities and East and West Coast Operations

The $10k e-mail elimination savings may be low in our estimation. It was based on the labor costs for customer service staff (CSR). KPI estimated the hourly cost for CSRs as $35/hr., which was based on responses from study participants. Anyone who has ever studied Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) knows they are higher in big cities and on the east and west Coast and lower in rural and central states. In these higher-cost areas, these higher rates could be $45/hr. – $60hr. (shown in the CSR BHR row below), which changes the savings.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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