By Mark Davis, Peter Mayhew, Keypoint Intelligence – Ricoh officially announced that, as of April 2024, it will integrate the research, development, and production of its business machines with Toshiba Tec. This includes hardware such as MFPs and printers for the office space. The new venture will be mostly owned by Ricoh, which will hold an 85% stake, with Toshiba Tec holding 15%. Both design, research and development, and production divisions will be condensed and absorbed into Ricoh Technologies (a subsidiary of Ricoh), so that the purchasing of parts, materials, and use of production bases can be streamlined.

The move was triggered by the steady decline in print volumes and demand for office MFPs and printers following the pandemic, as well as the rise of remote work. Accelerated digitization resulting from the pandemic has also contributed to the decision, with both companies aiming to hold off the effects of an increasingly hostile business environment and increase cost competitiveness. Indeed, the Keypoint Intelligence A3 forecast predicts an 8.2% decline in A3 placements between now and 2026.

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SOURCE Keypoint Intelligence