By Carl Schell, Keypoint Intelligence – Earlier this year, I walked into Ski Barn—a winter enthusiast’s haven here in North Jersey—to return some seasonal rentals. The store was in turnover mode, meaning that tons of deck and patio furniture were being assembled and arranged just so. While finalizing details with the clerk, I noticed a slew of catalogs on a table in front of the counter. They were all impressively designed and elegantly printed and bound. Even if I was not in the market for new outdoor chairs and such, not to mention the fact that I work in the print industry, I grabbed a couple of books for later inspection.

About a week before the trip to Ski Barn, this article was one of the lead links in The Record’s daily newsletter. Bergen County, the northeastern most county in New Jersey, is home to many intelligent and industrious people. I thought the story of how the Bergen County Clerk’s office has spent a decade digitizing records back to the 1800s captured the spirit of the county and its people. Plus, I happen to work in the print industry, so of course my mind went haywire as I contemplated the hardware, software, and processes involved with—or how they evolved throughout—this proving ground exercise.

Which had more impact on me? Easy. Digital transformation.

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SOURCE Keypoint Intelligence