In response to the pandemic, 2020 saw many organizations swiftly implement business continuity measures in order to maintain their business operations. To accommodate this, cybersecurity and corporate policies that would usually be closely followed, were overlooked, resulting in 2020 seeing the highest number of records compromised, when compared with the last 15 years combined*.

The healthcare sector, in particular hospitals, was the main target. This is not surprising when considering the volume of private and confidential patient data potentially available. Interestingly, cybersecurity investment in 2020 increased by 10%, equating to US$53billion, but clearly this wasn’t enough as key vulnerabilities were still forgotten.

A potential vulnerability organizations often ignore is their print environment. This includes not only the implications of leaving classified documents in the print tray, but also the ease of accessing private and confidential data through their printers.

To assist organizations in protecting their print environment introduce them to Ringdale’s FollowMe® print management solution, trusted by enterprise and government organizations to prevent data interception and to protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. Organizations choose the FollowMe solution because it takes government grade encryption into account at all levels.

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