Leading with a Monthly Payment: Monthly Recurring Revenue Benefits You and Your Customers

By: Mitch Leahy, GreatAmerica: Monthly recurring revenue is a predictable and reliable source of income which you accrue when you sell your products, services, and more on a monthly payment plan. There are a variety of methods to achieve it, including subscriptions, leases and Hardware as a Service contracts, but the end goal is the same: monthly recurring revenue that is more consistent, predictable and valuable.

 As a business in the office imaging space, you’re probably very familiar with selling a payment; hardware and services as separate obligations or bundled payments combining the two.

Not surprisingly, your customers are familiar and expect monthly payment options specific to their multi-function printers. They appreciate how it makes it easier for them to budget and more cost effective to refresh the solution down the road.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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