Supply Chain Obstacles Call for Thinking Outside the Box

By: Ryan Weber: As the US economy struggles to recover after the impact of the pandemic, disruptions in the supply chain are creating new problems, and the office technology world is certainly not immune.

In my eight years with GreatAmerica, I have worked with many of our customers on asset management programs and negotiated hundreds of individual end of term/asset ownership transactions. Many of our customers are facing some of the most challenging business obstacles I’ve ever seen, from soaring prices to a shortage of goods. I hear about it from my customers, and we see it firsthand; in fact, recently a GreatAmerica sales rep who just arrived home after a trip to California showed me a picture they took of barges lined up in the port waiting to be unloaded as far as the eye could see. Many have seen pictures on social media, but knowing someone who saw it first-hand made it even more real for me.

How Do You Sell When You Have No Inventory? 

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