Keypoint Intelligence, the global leader in data and market intelligence for the digital imaging industry, was present at the BTA Spring Break event. Anthony Sci, CEO of Keypoint Intelligence, was in attendance to talk about the company’s latest offerings, including UVERCE®. This turnkey and maintenance-free e-commerce solution is designed specifically for office equipment dealers, providing an integrated communications platform that allows for interaction with clients throughout the entire website experience.

With a full comparative product catalog powered by bliQ’s comprehensive library of devices, accessories, and supplies, UVERCE® makes it easy to search and compare products. It also includes a range of tools and content, including product specifications, image libraries, side-by-side comparisons, testing and award information, and an intelligent product recommendation engine. This provides an exceptional product experience for clients, helping dealers to stand out in a crowded market.

Keypoint Intelligence’s service subscriptions include ongoing access to data repositories, reports, and analyst inquiry time for current and future market trends and developments. With access to powerful analytics tools managed by dedicated data scientists, clients can turn data into intelligence and make informed decisions. As an extension of your team, Keypoint Intelligence provides the expertise and tools you need to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.