In a recent episode of “What’s Happenin'” podcast, Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts Inc. sat down with Anthony Sci from Keypoint Intelligence to delve into the current state and future directions of the office equipment and services industry.

Anthony highlighted Keypoint’s evolution beyond traditional hardware testing to encompass dealer advisory services on market trends, consulting that includes voice of customer analysis, and the development of a game-changing quoting tool that drastically reduces proposal preparation time. This tool, born from dealer feedback, exemplifies Keypoint’s commitment to addressing industry needs through technological advancement and customer collaboration.

Security emerged as a significant focus, with Anthony noting Keypoint’s efforts in providing certifications and consultations on cybersecurity, an area of growing importance for both manufacturers and dealers. The conversation also touched on the critical role of ecommerce in the industry, with Keypoint offering solutions that help dealers adapt to changing consumer behaviors and the increasing importance of online transactions.

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Towards the end of the interview, a noteworthy part of their dialogue revolved around Anthony’s insights from a recent trip to Japan, where discussions with manufacturers revealed a keen interest in areas like AI, security, and the expanding market for direct-to-film and labels and packaging solutions. This reflects a broader industry trend towards diversification and innovation in response to changing market demands.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.