Anyone in sales understands that it is a high-turnover profession. Success can be elusive for many who are just starting out. But it can also be elusive for even the savviest and most experienced sales reps from time to time. Let’s face it, rejection comes with the territory, and the challenge is not to let it bring you down. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling either—production print hardware or production print software such as the many solutions from RSA—you are bound to be turned down no matter how great your solution is or how beneficial it would be to the prospect.

Besides the daily rejection, other factors beyond your control, such as concerns about an oncoming recession can negatively affect your attitude. The secret to not letting this impact your sales goals is a positive attitude. But that’s easier said than done, right? Right.

Like anything, staying positive is a trait you work on; what better time than at the beginning of the year?  These tips can help you maintain a positive attitude during challenging times.

  1. Begin the day with clear expectations. It’s all about planning and being ready to pivot if your first plan fails. After all, you can’t always expect to make a sale the first time you meet with a prospect. Always have a Plan B.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates