At the recent Executive Connection Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, a standout panel session, “Leading the Way: A Generational Shift in Leadership Styles,” captivated attendees. Hosted by Jennie Fisher of GreatAmerica, this discussion featured a strong group of young leaders, all stepping into the large shoes left by their successful parental figures in the industry.

The panelists, Jenna Stramaglio from ConnectWise, Lauren Hanna of Blue Technologies, Aubri Akervik of Marco, Sarah Custer from Distribution Management, and Greg Goldberg, representing the BTA, brought a fresh and invigorating perspective to the session. Their backgrounds, ranging from office equipment resellers to vendor representatives, and even legal counsel, added a rich diversity to the dialogue.

In a candid exchange, the panelists shared insights on working alongside their parents, the challenges they face, and their plans to infuse new ideas into their respective roles. Their discussion delved into the generational differences, shedding light on how these affect hiring practices, management styles, and overall business strategy.

What set this panel apart was not just the lively discussion but also the underlying theme: the evolution of leadership through the lens of millennials and Gen Z. The panelists navigated topics such as adapting legacy practices to modern demands and the importance of balancing tradition the need to move forward.

This session is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding evolving  leadership and how the next generation is poised to take the helm in the business world.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.