With over a million pageviews from over 280,000 website visitors in 2022, here were the top three Supply Chain / Business News stories on industryanalysts.com.

Mars International sponsors the Supply Chain and Business News section on this website.

  1. The Supply Chain Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse
  2. China is Losing Its Place as the Center of the World’s Supply Chains. Here are 5 Places Supply Chains are Going Instead.
  3. How Russian Invasion of Ukraine could Impact Ocean Shipping

Mars also sponsored two dealer visits and a Mars a golf event:

Mars International is a re-marketer of high quality, pre-owned copiers. Our extensive inventory comes from our strong relationships with some of the world’s largest leasing companies. With a thorough quality control and equipment handling process, our technicians check for completeness and functionality.

We are proud to be a leader in customer service in our industry, guaranteeing that our product will arrive as represented. We offer quantity discounts, discounted fixed national freight rates as well as tech support and technical documentation for non-authorized brands and digital photos upon request. Combine that with a dedicated account representative and our ‘No DOA’ policy, we are confident you will be more than satisfied when working with our company.

Ross International’s Reverse Supply Chain Solutions (Ross RSC) provide reverse logistics

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