The Wilson Group Has a New CEO

The Wilson Group serves Western PA with office equipment, managed services, collaboration displays, secure shredding services and more.

With products from well-known brands like Sharp, Epson, Brother and PaperCut to name a few, this team of nearly 50 works out of two sales offices and a third warehouse building located not too far from HQ.

Celebrating their 10th year, they held a company event at the Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo where company founder Derrick Wilson officially bestowed the title of president and CEO upon COO Sally Andreaco, the second employee of the company after derrick.

Derrick will continue in an advisory and sales role (he loves to be with customers and this will continue) going forward.

The Wilson Group is particularly strong in the education market and they’ve developed quite a reputation locally with several large clients whose names you would all instantly recognize.

It was great touring their headquarters in Pittsburgh and it was an honor to attend their special evening alongside industry execs like Mike Marusic and John Sheehan from Sharp among others.

Congrats to The Wilson Group on your 10 years, I look forward to your next big event!

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.