We spent 2017 investing in building an industry leading Product Development laboratory in Phoenix Arizona and now offer exclusively to qualified resellers, a brand new disruptive ‘Gold line’ of commercial grade Non-Infringing New build compatible cartridges that perform like an OEM but at a price point that is around 20% less than a comparable quality remanufactured cartridge.

Gold Line FAQs

(1)    What is a Non-Infringing New Build Compatible Cartridge?

Like many technology products, the Gold Line is engineered in the USA to meet or exceed OEM specifications for image quality and yield.  Assembly is then undertaken in China to keep prices competitive.   Each cartridge features a brand new shell and utilizes the highest quality internal components that are certified by our vendors not to infringe OEM IP or patents.

(2)    How does the Gold Line compare against a premium quality Remanufactured cartridge?

Remanufactured cartridges typically require a used OEM shell/core that must be split in half to remove and replace internal components, before being resealed.  Some cartridges do not go back together properly and this can cause quality fluctuations and some leaking inside the printer that leads to more frequent service calls to clean ‘dusty’ printers.

Remanufactured consumables can also incur supply constraints as printer OEMs also seek to collect empty cartridges so that they prevent them from being remanufactured.  When this happens, producers must turn to using a cartridge that was previously remanufactured – This reworking of an already remanufactured cartridge further degrades the product quality and increases the incidence of leaking product.

By comparison, Gold line cartridges begin with a brand new clam shell that is filled with the same top quality components found inside leading remanufactured cartridges.  The result is OEM level performance for 20% less than a remanufactured cartridge.

(3)    Is the Gold Line different than LD consumer products?

Yes, LD regular product is sold through our websites to home and very small business users who value low prices over quality output.  The Gold line was specifically created for resellers who service larger business customers with higher product quality expectations.  It is exclusively available through the Channel Partner division to qualified resellers.

Differences include much higher quality components and toner formulations that guarantee OEM color matching, yield attainment and Gold line products are backed by a lifetime guarantee that includes service cost reimbursements in the unlikely event that a reseller has to attend site to repair a printer damaged.

(4)    Why are Gold Line cartridges 20% less than a remanufactured cartridge?

Sourcing and selecting quality cores (empty printer cartridges) is not easy to do and very expensive. The typical empty core costs about 30% – 50% of the finished product cost per cartridge before resale. The remanufacturing process is also very labor-intensive because it requires people to break the used cartridge in half, clean and replace used components.

The Gold Line costs 20% less because each cartridge starts with a brand-new shell and advanced manufacturing automation to ensure consistent build quality and reduce the human effort required.

These 20% savings are passed onto the LD dealer.

(5)    How is the Gold Line different vrs other China made Cartridges?

  • Superior Quality – Gold line cartridge ‘recipes’ are designed and engineered in our Phoenix Arizona laboratory.
  • Consistent Quality – We manage our supply chain and hold our manufacturing partners accountable.  Before all supplier shipments of product are released to inventory, we inspect and life test random samples in our Phoenix Laboratory to ensure that each batch has been built with the components and processes we specified.
  • No IP Risk – Our R&D team, component vendors and manufacturing partners all work to assess and overcome known OEM IP/Patents associated with each product.  We stand behind our Gold line and indemnify our customers for infringement claims of U.S. Patents.

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