EO Johnson Sends Team With Supplies To Help Cedar Rapids Partner

On August 10, a derecho crossed through Iowa much like a land hurricane, causing incredible destruction to local communities, including Cedar Rapids where companies like GreatAmerica are located.

While their headquarters only received minor damage and their employees are all safe, the community has been struggling to get back to normal because of the devastation and some of their empoyees are still without power a full two weeks after the storm.

The 14 hour storm covered an area 800 miles wide and has resulted in Governor Kim Reynolds requesting $4 billion in Federal Aid to help with the rebuilding.

This past week, a team from EO Johnson, headquartered in Wisconsin and with offices all over the Midwest made their way to Cedar Rapids to help their partner GreatAmerica during their time of need.

The EO Johnson group brought generators, extension cords and fuel containers to help some GA employees that are STILL without power.

How cool is that? I love this industry and the dealers that I cover. My hat’s off to you EO Johnson. Well done!

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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